Dental clinic in Budapest

Through affordable general and cosmetic dental solutions, tooth replacement and teeth implants, our highly experienced and qualified dental specialists will send you home feeling immeasurably more confident about your pearly whites. Our friendly and English-speaking team offer great service, and our prices are the best in the area. However, what really sets this clinic apart is the range and depth of experience of its staff.

Specialising in dental implants and bone replacement, the dental clinic also offers microscopic root canal treatments for precision tooth preservation as well as the full spectrum of cosmetic dentistry, including top quality metal-free Zirconium-Ceramic crowns and full-pressed-porcelain E.max veneers for the very best final aesthetic results.

The surgery rooms are very clean, air-conditioned and are equipped with the latest multifunctional dental units for your comfort. It is important for us that every patient is treated very professionally, so that you always feel completely safe in the clinic.

Our motto is: “Treating patients as we would wish to be treated ourselves, always providing the highest quality care to all.

dental clinic in Budapest

Central location in Budapest

The dental clinic is situated right in the middle of Budapest’s famous historic city centre, the 5th district, and within easy reach of most of the major landmarks of the city. The area itself is well connected with Budapest’ highly efficient public transport system. There are many stylish hotels and modern apartments nearby, which we can recommend for your stay.

General anaesthesia

The dental team can offer General Anaesthesia for anxious patients, where the fear of the dentist and panic reactions can be avoided. It is provided separately by an Anaesthesiologist doctor, and since medicines are used to send you to sleep, you are completely unaware of the surgical intervention and do not move or feel pain while it is carried out. This is also recommended for bigger surgical procedures, as it makes the whole treatment a much better experience.

general anaesthesia
CT scan and 3D implant surgery planning

CT scan and 3D implant surgery planning

The oral surgeon uses this advanced technology, before surgical procedure, to produce three dimensional (3D) images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and jawbone in a single scan.

This is particularly important to make sure implants are positioned in the most appropriate places, which improves the success and longevity of the treatment. This procedure is also called computer-assisted implant surgery and provides the highest accuracy. This modern technology is beneficial for both the patient and the dentist since it significantly reduces chair-time and makes the treatment safer, while drastically helping and shortening the healing process.

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