Dental fees and special offers

The content of this page is frequently updated with new offers. Please call us for the latest deals to help with dental costs. We create individual price offers for our patients. We keep the rights to withdraw, or change offers and dental fees. Once treatment starts, the price is locked, and payment can be arranged either by online bank transfer or bank card in the dental clinic. Please note that there is no need to make advanced payment at any point during treatment, which means payment is required for treatment that is fully completed (pay-as-you-go).

Special offers

5% off E.max veneers (full pressed-porcelain)
8x E.max veneers: From £2,640
16x E.max veneers: From £5,120
This offers includes the aesthetic restoration of either the upper front eight teeth or for the full mouth restoration option, both the upper and lower front 8x-8x teeth with premium E.max veneers.
Other charges may apply. Subject to panoramic x-ray and check up.
5% off Zirconium-Ceramic crowns (full mouth restoration)
20x Zirconium-Ceramic crowns (metal-free): From £6,500
This offers includes the full aesthetic restoration of both upper and lower front 10x-10x teeth with premium Zirconium-Ceramic crowns.
Other charges may apply. Subject to panoramic x-ray and check up.
Free accommodation offer in Budapest
This offer is valid for treatment over the total value of £8,000. Accommodation is located within a short walk of the dental clinic in the historic Centre of Budapest and is available for the patient receiving treatment.
Please note that this offer can not be combined with other offers.
All-on-4 procedure for £6,500 (full arch restoration)
This is a save of £460 for the full All-on-4 treatment procedure, as mentioned in price list below.
Other charges may apply, depending on individual circumstances.


Consultation package: oral examination, digital panoramic x-ray and treatment planFree
CT scan and 3D implant surgery planning£100

Aesthetic treatments

Professional dental hygiene treatment (plaque removal, polishing)From £85
Chair-side teeth whitening (Beyond)£250
Inside tooth whitening£67
Nightguard splint£105

Conservative dental treatments

Composite tooth filling (tooth coloured)From £90
E.max Inlay / Onlay by Ivoclar (full pressed porcelain)£347
E.max veneer by Ivoclar (full pressed porcelain)£347
Direct composite veneerFrom £150

Prosthetic dental works

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crownFrom £267
(5% discount for over four crowns)
Zirconium-Ceramic crown (metal-free)From £347
(5% discount for over four crowns)
E.max crown by Ivoclar (full pressed porcelain)£347
(5% discount for over four crowns)
Temporary crown (short term)£35
Temporary crown (long term, lab-made)£67
Temporary removable denture£625
Overdenture with metal bar or locator attachments (semi-fixed to implants by precision attachments)From £2,225

Root canal treatments

Root canal treatment (full treatment)From £245
Post and core (metal)£130
Tooth build up£47

Oral Surgery

Tooth extractionFrom £84
Wisdom tooth extraction (surgical)From £145
Root-end resection£215
Sinus lift surgery and bone replacementFrom £672
Gum and bone contouring treatment£550
General anesthesia£500 (first hour)

Periodontal surgery

Curettage (closed) periodontal surgery (per tooth)£78
Curettage (opened) periodontal surgery (per tooth)£158


Titanium implant screw, Alpha Bio ICE / SPI (with lifetime product guarantee)From £565
(5% discount for over three implants)
Implant uncover and implant healing screw fitting£60
Titanium implant abutment (for screw-retained crown)£330
(5% discount for over three implants)
Crown (Implant-quality, Porcelain-fused-to-metal, screw-retained)£297
(5% discount for over three crowns)
Zirconium implant abutment (metal-free)£395
(5% discount for over three crowns)
Crown (Implant-quality, metal-free, Zirconium-Ceramic, screw-retained)£387
(5% discount for over three crowns)

All-on-4 Procedure (Same-Day-Teeth)

Titanium All-on-4 implant (4 pieces with lifetime product guarantee)From £2,260
Titanium implant abutment, multiunit (4 pieces, for screw-retained crowns)From £1,320
Temporary bridge (not removable, fixed to implants, screw-retained)£640
Final All-on-4 overdenture (with 12x Porcelain teeth, permanently fixed by screws)£3,225
Full All-on-4 treatment (with 12x Porcelain crowns)From £7,250
(special discount available on request)

Overdenture with precision attachments
(semi-fixed to 4x implants and bar system or locator-attachments)

Titanium implant screw, Alpha Bio ICE / SPI (4 pieces with lifetime product guarantee)£2,200
Implant uncover and implant healing screw fitting (4 pieces)£240
Titanium implant abutment (4 pieces with locator-attachments)£1,320
Overdenture with precision/locator attachments (semi-fixed)£2,250
Overdenture attachment system on 4x implants (full set)£5,950
(special discount available on request)

Surgery in Hospital

Bone graft from own hip boneFrom £5,000
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