Below are a handful of comments and testimonials from our clients, who offered to share their experiences at our dentistry in Budapest and London. As you can see, the huge savings and high quality of work we are able to offer, regularly attracts clients to use our services from all parts of the UK.

Susan W. Colchester UK

I am writing to tell you how impressed I was at the organisation and application of my dental treatment in Hungary.
The taxi was waiting at Budapest Airport and took us direct to our hotel in the Buda area. He informed us that your representative Judit would arrive at 3.00pm in the foyer to take us to the dental clinic. After settling into our room we had time for a stroll up into the city, have some food, and admire the beautiful buildings.
At 3.00pm Judit arrived and took us for the short walk through the park to the clinic. Although in anybody's view four and a quarter hours in a dentists' chair is somewhat horrifiic, the dentist did his best to make it as acceptable as possible, with short breaks and cheerful conversation. Judit stayed in attendance for the whole of this time and arranged the taxi back to the hotel. I left the surgery with pain killers, antiseptic mouthwash and a freezer pack for my face. Fortunately I did not need to use any of the pain killers as I had no swelling, no bruising and very little pain only mild discomfort.
Following the dentist advice, the next morning I did not use my temporary plate, but spent the day toothless to enable the gums to be left to heal unimpeded but still managed to eat soft mashed pears and scrambled eggs for breakfast and spaghetti at lunch.
Judit came that morning to check everything was alright and took us for a short walk in the city, arranging to return next day to accompany us on a larger tour of the sights. We had a wonderful day with her, taking a tram to the New York Cafe for coffee, taking a sightseeing bus around all of the notable places and stopping for traditional Goulash soup at lunch time.
My temporary plate fitted into my mouth with no problems that day, and did not cause any additional pain. I had been advised by a previous patient to take some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as such a long time opened mouthed might cause some dryness of the lips, but again I had no need to use this.
My stitches have now all dissolved, and though a tough steak might cause some trouble I am able to eat pretty normally.
I can only therefore congratulate you on the smooth running and proffessionalism of your organisation, and would reccommend your services wholeheartedly. I would also ask you to thank, on my behalf, your representative Judit who most assuredly went the "extra mile" to ensure our experience of Hungary was exemplary.
I am looking forward to my next trip there for the completion of my treatment. Perhaps the same delightful young lady, Judit, will be available again.

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David C. Suffolk UK

I am delighted to be able to provide this testimonial regarding the service given by Hungary 4U and hope that this may encourage anyone contemplating having dental work undertaken abroad to consider this option.
Having received an astronomical quotation, and a lengthy waiting period, for some necessary dental work here in the U.K. I explored the possibility of having my treatment elsewhere.
I was immediately impressed by the Hungary 4U website and after a little research decided to contact them to explore my options.
Following an assessment in London, I was offered a comprehensive treatment plan with the financial options clearly explained. The difference in costing from my own dentist convinced me to proceed and I opted for treatment in Budapest, a beautiful city worthy of a holiday in its own right.
Viktor Hajko was my contact at Hungary 4U. He guided my wife and I through the entire process; organising flights, transfers, hotel accommodation and even horse riding excursions to entertain my wife while I visited the dental practice.
I cannot fault the standard of care I received from my dentist. I was met on the first morning and taken to the practice, so no worries there. My representative was available throughout my stay to assist with anything that cropped up e.g. The purchase of a travel pass for the Budapest Transport Authority (Excellent value and covers Metro, trams, buses and suburban railways. A two week pass costs £18.00).
I am extremely pleased with the final results and have already recommended a friend to this service as a result.
My ignorance of foreign languages is stunning but language is not a barrier in Hungary. English is widely spoken and the people are tolerant and patient.
In conclusion, The standard of dental work is superb. The service I received was first class. Budapest is a lovely, clean city with plenty to do and see and Viktor and his colleagues at Hungary 4U will make the whole process a delight.

Alan E. Uphall, near Edinburgh UK

I had been thinking about getting my teeth done for decades but due to the price in UK it was not possible. After contacting Viktor at Hungary4U late 2013 I had many discussions re price and options before making my trip to Budapest in January this year.
I finally decided on some bridgework using my existing teeth and had two implants put in my bottom right side. I stayed in Budapest and had all the bridge work done in just over a week. I also had the implants put in and will be going back in June this year to have the teeth fitted.
I am 59 years old and was very emotional (in a nice way) when I finally saw the smile of my completed bridge work. The finished work is so natural and the feel is natural. No more dentures for me!
The work was painless throughout, although you do feel all the pressure of the drills and jags etc. No issues after the various sessions. The dental staff were so friendly and all spoke good English.
One of the reasons I chose Hungary 4U is the back up surgery in London. I know if I have any problems I can go to London or Budapest for a quick consultation. I am also able to use my own dentist for routine check-ups which will keep my guarantee valid.
I would highly recommend Hungary4U for dental and implant work. The implantologist I used was in my mind the best!
Another bonus was Budapest is a beautiful city and very cheap due to the good exchange rate. Looking forward to returning in June this year.

Mike O’B. Swansea, UK

I started my dental work journey a year ago by travelling to London for my x-rays and evaluation in order to have my upper jaw teeth removed and an over-denture fitted. I then travelled to Hungary to start dental treatment.

I went to Budapest without ever having been there before and by the time I left, I found it quite easy to get around the city, even on foot, and enjoyed the great architecture and culture. I can truly say that everyone I met in Budapest was friendly and helpful which was really nice.

It has been approximately two weeks since my final appointment and I can say without any hesitation that I am very well satisfied with the results thus far. Dr Mayer and his entire team were simply wonderful. Viktor went out of his way to carefully explain everything to me in great detail which was very much appreciated. Anett and the dental hygienist that cleaned my lower jaw teeth were extremely “top notch” professional at all times, very friendly, helpful, very understanding of my dental situation and always taking the time (and having the patience) to look after me whilst I was there. This kind of personal service is what made these two trips a great experience. The initial escort to the office from the hotel and the taxi service were really nice touch and the availability of various methods to reduce the pain and discomfort were fantastic as well. I would most strongly recommend anyone requiring extensive dental work, coming from other places and/or countries, to seriously consider having it done with Dr Mayer in Budapest, Hungary without any hesitation whatsoever. Thank You to the entire team!

The complete service I received was excellent and I would not change anything else as Viktor was always very professional, straightforward and friendly, going out of his way to explain things and to help any way he could, which was very very helpful. Thank You very, very much for your services!!

Lynn F. Weston-super-Mare, UK

Thought I would drop you a short mail just to let you know how things went today.
I am absolutely thrilled and delighted with the end result. Dr Mayer is such a professional and I hardly had to have any adjustments. Only on the upper left but none on the lower.
I am so very happy. I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for me in arranging my treatments with Dr Mayer. From start to finish it’s been an amazing journey. I have enjoyed every second of both of my trips to your beautiful city. It's been a blast.
You can rest assured I will be putting reviews on your website and will promote you to all of my friends.
I wanted to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” for everything you did for me on my journey to getting all my dental work done. Also thank you for all information you sent which was great help in making our visit so enjoyable. You can be sure I will recommend my friends and family. Somehow I think I will return to the wonderful Budapest with kindest regards and huge thanks.
Thank you thank you thank you

John J. London, UK

Just a brief note to say thank you to all the staff concerned in my treatment. The whole experience was excellent, accommodation, transfers, staff attitude etc.I would be happy to recommend you to anyone requiring treatment.
Thanks again to all.

Tamara G. London UK

It’s not often that I write reviews, generally only for those that I deem outstanding – and Hungary 4U have been so wonderful with me during the time of my treatments that I have to say a few words about it.
I received a total of 4 implants, and two were quite complicated. I was always greeted with a welcoming smile and incredible support.
The treatments took over a year to complete and from the start to the end Viktor was always on top of things, great at communicating with me, my appointments were always treated as very important and the quality of the work is outstanding. I am thrilled that I am able to smile with a full set of teeth and it’s thanks to this team. Customer service is second to none, and please trust me as I have had my fair share of dentists!
Thanks to Viktor and the team for their incredible support throughout my dental treatment and I cannot recommend these services strongly enough you will not regret it!

Aisha A., Essex, UK

I have waited so many years for a beautiful smile, but this opportunity never seemed possible. With so many horror stories and unsatisfactory end results I was always put off to actually fully proceed with implant treatment.

However, I feel so so blessed and so lucky to have come across your website.
I have had the most fantastic experience in Budapest and I cannot thank you all enough.

Dr Mayer's and his team have the most passion and care, which to be honest I have never really seen here in London. I am bursting with joy and I cannot stop smiling. I have so much confidence and that credit goes to both you, Dr Mayer's and his team.

I am so grateful and feel so fortunate and lucky to have found such professional team of people who have given me my smile back.

Thank you so so much! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Dave Ireland, Woking, UK

I am very happy with my teeth and I would like to say a very big thank you to all concerned that had a part in my treatment. It was never straight forward and at times rather frustrating for us all,however the professionalism of the staff made me feel at ease.
A big thank you to you as well Viktor for advising me and for being a friend.
Thanks again to everyone concerned.