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My only regret is I waited far too long to get this done in Hungary

I had 4 implants fitted to my upper jaw ( all on 4) which included having my remaining 5 teeth removed as I became weary of spending more money trying to save them than my implants cost. What I would tell anyone in my position is to stop wasting money. If it is inevitable you are going to loose your remaining teeth stop wasting your time and losing confidence because of them. The difference has been night and day for me my confidence is at an all-time high my mood has changed completely I now hold my head up when I walk, smile when I talk and I’m loving the camera and my wife has the man back she married. My only regret is I waited far too long to get this done.

I researched lots of dentists my own in England some in Turkey and a few in Hungary and after lots of emails to lots of dentists and researching them online I came across Viktor Hajko and Dr. Mayer from Hungary 4 you (Evidental) Which has offices in England. Which was a big plus for me (being as I live there) so after researching them online via Facebook ect.and other patients reviews I decided to email for costs and procedures they offer. I received a detailed reply which I found acceptable (60% cheaper than my own dentist) I gave Viktor (who I can’t thank enough) a call who put me totally at ease. So I decided to go ahead with the treatment. They arranged for me to be met at the airport by taxi and shown where the surgery was before taking me to my hotel and giving me info on buses and trams to get me to the surgery. On arriving at the dentist’s I was thankful that the receptionist spoke English. Then I met Dr. Mayer who also spoke good English He took me through the process in detail and showed me through my x-ray and C.T scan. He put me at ease in the chair and during the procedure ( I fell asleep during, it was that pain-free) I’m actually looking forward to going back the dentist for the first time in my life

Andrew, UK

My life has changed

I decided to go for dental implants as my teeth at the front were breaking, I had a denture but I hated it. When I tried to eat with the dentures they would constantly move. So I knew I had to do something. It was far too expensive in this country (UK). So I decided to look into going abroad for half the price. And after meeting someone at the clinic, who had just had this done, I decided to go for the same. I had all my upper teeth removed, what was left of them. I had four implants inserted and a removable upper denture. It was by far the best decision I have made. I can now eat anything and the denture stays in place. I decided to go for this one as I liked the idea of removing them on an evening and cleaning them, which is so easy to do, I then reinsert them back in. I also had my bottom teeth sorted with a number of crowns on a bridge inserted. So I now have a full set of teeth. Dr. Mayer who did most of the work made sure I was not in pain during the treatment, I had conscious sedation through some of the treatment, which helped a great deal. It has changed my life no end. And I would advise anyone who is thinking of it to do it. Especially with this clinic as there are very good at their job.

My experience with this clinic and Vicktor I cannot praise enough. I had been looking for a while and visited a few places, but none matched up to this clinic. Dr. Mayer is very professional in his job, he also speaks English, which is an added bonus. The clinic is very clean and all the staff is friendly! Anett who speaks English and looked after me very well. Vicktor is the contact in London, who also looked after me, kept me informed of what was going on. The fact that they have a clinic in London as well is an extra bonus. I cannot praise these people enough. Thank you to everyone that helped me through this process. Budapest is a lovely place to visit and very cheap.

Janet, UK

I am happy with the results and certainly good value

I had a removable lower denture which clicks onto a metal bar supported on four implants and ten teeth permanently fixed bridge on the upper jaw and removable bridge for the back four teeth joined by a flat metal bar. I am very happy with the results and certainly good value.

Very pleasant staff at the clinic and Dr. Mayer was excellent with his dental work. I would recommend him without any reservation.

sunil, UK

All in all not as painful as I thought it would be

I had a full mouth of implants, top and bottom! Because I had a very aggressive gum disease I didn’t have enough bone in my upper jaw so I have a denture which clips on and it is as strong as the bottom implants! I don’t have to use polygrip or anything like that – they simply click on plus the denture is the same size as my bottom on, they really feel like my real teeth, amazing!!

I first went in June for a week where I had 20 teeth taken out and 6 bottom and 4 top abutments put in. I was also fitted with temporary upper and lower dentures. I hated those but they were obviously necessary. I returned in September where the implants were fitted and my teeth were made and fitted. We went along to the lab where the teeth were made to decide how they would look as well, the final fitting on my bottom teeth was quite painful but I had an injection to ease the pain, the top fitting was fine. All in all not as painful as I thought it would be! Best decision I ever made. I couldn’t wait to throw my dentures away!!

All the staff at the clinic were amazing. Viktor is always at the end of the phone, he’s your first point of contact and arranges everything for you in England. He is very knowledgeable about everything!! Annett is based in the Budapest dental surgery and she is lovely. Iif you have any worries or concerns she will help with them. Dr. Myers is like a gentle giant. He will again talk you through everything and put you at ease as much as he can. You are sent a thorough itinerary of what and when everything happens, a very efficiently run dental clinic!

Julia, UK

The clinic was fantastic, professional and clean

I am very happy with the whole experience & especially the support from Viktor in London.

The clinic was fantastic, professional and clean. The results of my treatment is fantastic, so happy with it. Everyone speaks very good English in the clinic and the city Budapest has lots to do and see.

Ahmet, UK

Painless and I am more than happy with my teeth

Second visit for the second part of my crowns. Painless and I am more than happy with my teeth.

Great service, picked up from airport, dropped off, apartment sorted…. what more can you ask for.

This dentist is very good.

Tony, UK

My dental surgeon was amazing, relaxing me straight away with his warm friendly approach and skill

I have only high regards for this dental clinic as my whole experience was a positive one. I am so happy that I picked this company and more importantly I am very happy with the work carried out to my teeth (they now look great and feel great). From start to finish I was totally looked after by the team and I found them very professional from start to finish.

I was having a lot of dental work done and had to pick the correct company to do this work. I spent a lot of time researching company’s credentials, to make sure I picked the correct Dental surgery and from my experience I certainly did.

My dental work included, the extraction of nine front teeth, (upper jaw) and the implantation of six titanium implants to hold a nearly full upper bridge. Root canal treatment to two upper molar teeth followed by two porcelain crowns to cover these two upper back molar teeth.

Basically my whole upper jaw teeth replaced and back molar teeth repaired all this work was done within 2 visits to Budapest, as there was a healing time before I could get my full upper bridge fitted to my new implants, in this time I wore a temporarily removable denture, this fitted amazingly and looked great and clicked into place with no problems. My teeth looked great with this new temporary Denture and it was very easy to wear as it looked so real and fitted so well. My whole experience was a good one; Dr. Mayer my dental surgeon was amazing, relaxing me straight away with his warm friendly approach and skill.

The clinic was what I was hoping it would be, very clean and professional looking and fitted out with all the Top dental equipment. The receptionist was amazing, so friendly, warm, spoke good English and was always very helpful with any inquiries that I had.

I would recommend because of the quality of treatment I got and Viktor the person who was organizing my dates, travel plans, Clinic appointments, Hotel, private taxis, sightseeing recommendations and basically my full itinerary. He was amazing! I knew from start to finish exactly what I was doing, where I had to be and the price I would pay which in my case was three times less then I would pay in England/London. His warm Professional friendly approach and helpful nature made the experience an experience I hoped I would get and this was delivered.

This Review was very easy for me to write because of the professionalism of the service I received at this clinic in Budapest and I only speak of my experience, which was very positive indeed.

Rob, UK

He is an amazing highly skilled and extremely caring dentist

My visit this time was for some new crowns, removal of a cyst and tooth extraction.

I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough. My treatment from start to finish went smoothly and without any pain. Dr. Mayer is an amazing highly skilled and extremely caring dentist. Going to Budapest for dental work is double-edged as you get the greatest care and expertise as well as a perfect mini holiday. Budapest is a beautiful city. Viktor will organize everything from start to finish and will also give advice on things to do and places to visit to make the best use of your time while you are visiting. It’s a win-win situation as well as saving lots of money!!

Lynn, UK

My treatment was from the start, not rushed, no pain and I was looked after brilliantly

I was looking at the possibility of losing two of the last remaining teeth in my mouth and that prospect really had its toll on me. My dentist suggested I look at having implants and after a quick look through Google I managed to find a local implant centre and booked in for a complete assessment of my needs so I was looking forward to my appointment. I had my appointment with the centre and was very much excited to get a treatment plan offered to me until that is I saw the price.

I was so depressed at the prospect of a gappy smile and loose teeth until someone mentioned I should look abroad and especially at Budapest so with renewed hope I got my OPG from the dentist and emailed a few of the dentists I found on Google in Budapest and awaited a response. I had a few responses asking for more information and then saying I would need to fly to Budapest for a full check up on what I would require. Feeling a little disappointed I thought well if I need to fly over I would but I had a call from Viktor at Evidental in Budapest who said that they did a procedure that would be perfect for my requirements. After receiving the quotations for my treatment which was at an affordable price and having shown talked to my dentist until they had enough of me I decided to go for it.

Obviously feeling very apprehensive I flew to Hungary and was met by a driver who took me to the apartment I was staying in all set up in advance by the Evidental contact Viktor and I have to say everything went very well and quick. My treatment was from the start, not rushed, no pain and I was looked after brilliantly. I would strongly recommend anybody that is looking at implants or even any dental work to contact Evidental.

This clinic looked after me from start to finish and nothing was too much trouble. I had all my teeth replaced with dental implants and overdentures. I am so pleased with the outcome. I would recommend them to anybody. Thank you so much.

Andrew, UK

The clinic has the most up to date equipment, very clean and tidy and is always very busy

had a full mouth of implants, top and bottom, as my teeth were starting to become loose. I now have a denture which clips on (overdenture) and it is as strong as the bottom teeth implants.

I first went in June 2018, I had all (what was left) of my teeth removed and 4 abutments on the top and 6 on the bottom. This was completed with conscious sedation. I was also fitted with temporary upper and lower dentures. I didn’t mind the dentures, I used polygrip, they weren’t too bad and I felt they looked really good. I returned in January 2019, where the implants were fitted and my teeth were made and fitted.

I can’t thank Dr Mayer enough for the amazing work he carried out and he is such a lovely and caring person, nothing is too much trouble for him or the staff that work with him. So friendly and professional.

Viktor always kept in touch with me and was always available if I had any questions and was extremely reassuring. Viktor arranges everything for you here in the UK. Viktor arranges the itinerary, places to visit, restaurants and Csaba is always there to meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation.

The clinic has the most up to date equipment, very clean and tidy and is always very busy. The staff are extremely welcoming.

I am just so grateful that my husband did the research and found Viktor, Dr Mayer and his dental practice Evidental. I will certainly recommend Evidental to my friends and family.

Lisa, UK

I couldn’t be happier with theservice I have received so far

I have just returned from Budapest after my first treatment for sinus lift and implant surgery.I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received so far.

Nicky Guy, UK

The staff at the dental surgery were very helpful and professional

I had my whole set of bottom teeth removed and replaced with All in 4. I only had 6 teeth left due to lifelong dental issues.This was done over two appointments.

Lynne, UK

My self-confidence has gone skyward.

I had new crowns fitted to all teeth, upper and lower, and also two lower teeth extracted. Prior to the treatment my teeth had become extremely worn down due to bruxism (acute teeth grinding), and were also very discoloured.

I have nothing but high praise for everyone involved in my treatment and the build-up to it. The point of contact in London is a wonderful gentleman, who talked me through every step of my treatment plan and explained in-depth what would happen. He kept in regular contact with me, arranged airport transfers, visas/permits, COVID testing, and even drew up a list of places of interest to visit during my stay. His customer service could not have been any better. Hugely impressive.

Once in Budapest, the care given by the staff at the dental surgery was, again, second-to-none. The reception staff were very polite and warm. The practice manager was also very warm and polite and helped with any queries I had.

The dental surgeon was exceptional. His attitude, personality, and humour put me at ease (and I am usually petrified of the dentist) and ensured that I was relaxed during all procedures. He spoke fluent English (and even has a practice in England), so I was able to understand every step of what he was doing, and also to select the shade and shape of the crowns, which brought incredible peace of mind.

The final product: wow – I cannot believe how my new teeth look! They are absolutely perfect, and every family member/friend/colleague is astonished at how natural the shape and colour are. It’s a cliche, but I cannot stop smiling (or looking at them). I could not have wished for them to be any better – and I absolutely mean that. My self-confidence has gone skyward.

What really impressed me also was that the surgery would not take a penny in payment until the crowns were fitted and they were sure that I was happy. Nowhere else anywhere would offer that. That is how confident the surgeon is with his work.

A million thanks to everyone involved from start to finish. I really cannot recommend Hungary Dental Implant, Budapest highly enough.

Mark McGrath, UK

Top class treatment an excellent result at a very affordable price

My initial contact was Viktor who patiently answered any queries or concerns throughout my treatment and facilitated each visit by providing a Full itinerary regarding my planned treatment and dental appointments, assistance in finding flights, accommodation near the Dental surgery and arranging taxi transfer from and to Budapest airport. He included valuable local information on transport systems and sightseeing in preparation for a better experience. Whilst in Budapest Annett at the clinic was on hand to help with any queries during my stay.

After an arranged appointment in the UK for Panoramic X-ray, Dr Myer provided a Treatment plan at Evidental Clinic with 3 staged split visits to Budapest, I was only asked to pay for treatment given at each visit. I had CT scans to enable 3D surgery planning for full restoration to upper and lower jaws. I had vital treatment for periodontal disease with closed curettage to ensure my gums were clean and rid of bacteria. Further treatments included an upper jaw sinus lift and bone graft with Bioss, implants, bridges and crowns under the care of Dr Myer, and Dr Adrienne, supported by the Evidential team, Dental Technicians and professionals throughout my treatment. I had intravenous conscious sedation under the care of an Anaesthetist which made my treatment comfortable and pain-free. All together a great team who made me very welcome every time.

Top class treatment an excellent result at a very affordable price. The end results in a smile I am proud of. I’m so glad I chose Evidential.

lorna manlove, UK

You will get the best possible care with the end result being perfect

My cousin and I have just returned from Budapest following dental surgery at the Evidental Fogaszati Kozpont Clinic. We have both had implants, crowns and fillings including root canals.

You pay a fraction of the extortionate UK prices and get the best treatment. Our dental Surgeon Dr Mayer is amazing. He is very understanding of your needs, very gentle and always keeps you informed of the procedures. Everyone at the clinic is very welcoming and friendly and really go out of there way to be helpful.

I highly recommend to anyone requiring treatment to go here. You will get the best possible care with the end result being perfect. The plus is that you get to spend time in the beautiful city of Budapest. What more could you ask for.

Lynn Fry, UK

I have been very impressed by the great clinical skill

I have had a long history of dental and gum infections which had caused me loss of teeth and despite ongoing Dentist and Hygienist care, and my own efforts, the problem continued to advance. Members of my family had experienced similar problems and have received reportedly excellent care by a specific Dentist at this clinic in Budapest. Therefore I made an appointment to attend this clinic for advice and with a view to treatment. Full discussion and explanation of process was provided by the Dentist at every stage of planning and treatment.

Clearly I needed a radical cure. My dental state was such that I only had a few teeth left of my own and I had widespread gum disease. The Dentist discussed the way forward for treatment and drew up a comprehensive plan within which I had decided to have my remaining teeth extracted and aim for temporary dentures followed over time by Premium NOBEL titanium implants which would eventually support Zirconium bridges with teeth for both upper and lower jaws. I also needed to have both left and right sinus lifts in order to augment the bone of my upper jaw.

The treatment plan involved local anaesthesia and conscious sedation when appropriate with antibiotic cover when indicated. The whole plan took a period of approximately nine months much of which was to allow healing time and especially adequate osseointegration of the implants and ossification of the sinus lifts in order to provide substantial strength to support the bridges ( i.e upper and lower arches) and stability for chewing.

My first dental extractions were done on 22.3.2019 further extractions were done on 29.4.2019 and temporary dentures fitted on 6.5.2019. The sinus lifts were performed together with implants on 15.7.2019 . Implants were reviewed and buried ones uncovered and healing screws fitted on 2.12.2019. I had a total of eleven implants fitted , six in the upper jaw and five in the lower jaw . The sixth implant was already present in my lower jaw from an earlier treatment in the UK and this was incorporated into the new system.It had needed early treatment to eradicate an element of infection.

Following moulds being taken of both upper and lower jaws and full discussion of the shape, size and colour of my proposed new teeth, acrylic models were made by the dental technician which were then later tested for fit and the criteria as had been discussed. The final Zirconium bridges ( arches) with teeth were fitted on 11.12.2019. This was not a process carried out under conscious sedation as conscious patient feedback is needed during this phase in order to check for proper bite symmetry appearance and comfort. Effective local anaesthesia was given if needed either by gel or injection to counter any discomfort due to gum compression which can occur when the arches are fixed in place. When the process was over I was able to chew effectively and in complete comfort and have continued to do so ever since . It has taken a little while to get used to the presence of my new teeth but my mouth and tongue have adapted to them and continue to do so more and more every day. I now have twelve new Zirconium teeth in both my upper and lower jaws. They look fantastic. My wife and family approve !

The clinic is very modern and pleasant to be treated in. It is situated within a large building and is easily accessed from the street. The atmosphere within the the clinic immediately imparts a sense of being busy and very efficient. The staff are friendly and always polite and helpful. There is an air of noticeable professionalism and dedication. English is spoken by the staff who linked with me as a British patient.

I have been very impressed by the great clinical skill and professional quality of the Dentist’s treatment of my dental condition and am very happy with the outcome.
I am impressed by the treatment and dental care I have been given throughout all of the Art, Craft, Science and Ethics which I have experienced throughout the clinical management of my condition. In the meantime I will continue to attend to my oral hygiene to the best standards possible. I will attend this clinic again within a year for a planned review. I am also impressed by the care and help given by the Dental team as a whole ,especially the Anaesthetist, the Dental Nurses and the Dental Technician.

I am certain that the Dental treatment I have received has been essential and undoubtedly of good value in the broadest sense. Most importantly for me, it has been successful. Thankyou.

Philip Davies., UK

He was very impressed with the standard of work, the colour, size and design

I have had Zirconium porcelain bridges fitted. The procedure took two visits, the first over 5 days involved periodontal, 2 extractions, one root canal, one post and preparing/grinding down teeth.

The second visit over 11 days involved further preparation and grinding down teeth and manufacture and fitting of the bridges. The whole procedure was very intensive and involved many hours in the dental chair.

I am very pleased with the result and visited my own dentist after a few weeks. He was very impressed with the standard of work, the colour, size and design.

Dr Mayer and his staff were very pleasant, efficient and I have no problem recommending their practice. In addition, Victor, their London representative was very good at arranging appointments, travel details, accommodation and explaining the various procedures.

Christopher Shovell, UK

I can assure you that the quality of care is second to none

In 2015 I was told by 2 different UK dentists that I would need extraction of my remaining molars and premolars because of infection and would have to have dentures. I was horrified at having to have dentures.

In desperation, I asked Hungary4U if they could help. They quickly arranged for an X-Ray at their associated Gilbert Place clinic near the British Museum, London, and within a week the ebullient and extremely professional Dr Meyer had reverted with a treatment plan. I was able to travel to Budapest to have an extensive implant and bridging surgery over the course of a week, with hotel and airport transfers by taxi (they have their own driver, Czaba Kovacs, a friendly and welcoming man) included. The level of care was impressive. Nothing was too much trouble. I later went again to have permanent crowns and bridges fitted.

The quality of care and hygiene is world-class, most of the staff in the Budapest clinic speak English, and all are friendly and professional. Dr Meyer and his assistant, Dr Andrea is impressive and take considerable trouble over their work. As a result, I am delighted with my teeth.

The cost was less than half I would have paid in the UK (had they even said it was possible), even taking hotel and air flights into account. You can pay as you go.

My wife and children have also visited Dr Meyer’s clinic, followed by members of my extended family. My brother-in-law had a double sinus lift and implants fitted recently and are extremely pleased with the result. My wife has had a sinus lift and implants fitted and are very pleased.

It is obviously a big step deciding to travel to Budapest, but I can assure you that the quality of care is second to none. Budapest is a lovely city, very easy to navigate by tram and Metro, with some good restaurants and bars (once you have your teeth!). EasyJet fly there daily for about £171 return.

John Austin, UK

I am very pleased with the result

I have now completed my treatment which was very successful and I am very pleased with the result. I had two large sinus lifts, as well as implants and a bridge, fitted – there have been no problems at all.
All the staff were excellent and my travel arrangements and accommodation were arranged for me. I can certainly recommend Hungary4U for dental treatment.

John Taylor, UK

The treatment has given me a new perspective as a smile with confidence when I chat with people

The clinic in Budapest was fantastic. All the staff were really supportive, many thanks to them. The treatment has given me a new perspective as a smile with confidence when I chat with people. All the backup team from the airport to accommodation many thanks. Only concern was they never asked the colour of dentures on my final fix and that cost me an extra £200 to change the colour of my dentures. I’m disappointed with that because I had to go back a third time 10 more days. My treatment over a 30 day period worked out very expensive if the same team was in London. I would only recommend that work the professionalism and the time and consideration they have given to me. 100% recommendation thank you, Team, in Budapest.

John Doyle, UK

Everything about my trip and treatment was amazing and I now have my perfect smile

After years of dental pain and suffering with weakened teeth, I reached the point of having to make some huge decisions. I went to dentists in the UK, who were quoting extortionate prices for a fraction of the work I needed doing and time frames that would be unrealistic for me. I scoured the Internet looking for dentist abroad and settled on Hungary. I honestly believed my mouth was beyond repair and that I would be spending tens of thousands of pounds to make an improvement. I contacted Viktor who was so friendly and helpful and decided to see what my options were.

Viktor arranged my xrays in London, and guided me through the process and consultation with dentist and before you know it, I was booked to go! Unfortunately I was booked in and the covid pandemic hit, which meant my treatment had to be postponed. Viktor periodically checked in with travel updates and I was finally able to book in again in August 2021. I did not hesitate!

My treatment plan was sent to me, appointment dates and times were arranged and all I had to do was book my flight and accommodation. Viktor sent me all my options and I booked to suit my needs.

I was picked up from the airport and driven direct to my accommodation which was a 5-minute walk to the clinic. My covid PCR tests were arranged for me and all travel documents were completed on my behalf. Travelling solo can be daunting, but I was completely at ease. Viktor checked in with me via calls to make sure I was ok and if I needed anything.

On arrival at the clinic, I was greeted by friendly, English speaking staff. The practice is clean, modern and welcoming. The dentist was extremely patient and informative throughout. I suffer from huge anxiety during dental treatments but I can honestly say that I felt no pain from the treatment and nearly fell asleep!

I had 5 appointments across 10 days, to prepare and fit 28 crowns and bridges and a root canal. The dentist was attentive and checked my bite thoroughly after the crowns were fitted. I could not believe the change. My teeth look incredible.

After an amazing experience, I was transferred back to the airport with ample time to catch my flight home. I can honestly say to anyone who is considering this treatment abroad, do it! I couldn’t have asked for more from them. Everything about my trip and treatment was amazing and I now have my perfect smile. I can not thank everyone enough for what I have now. (We are coming back next year as my husband is a little bit jealous!)

Thank you all so much.

Lindsay White, UK

I have had no pain for 2 years and I can eat any type of food

I was faced with the need for implants to maintain my ability you eat. My own dentist would not remove any teeth that she could repair to give a further 5 years of use irrespective of pain etc.

I wanted a final solution that would not require ongoing dental work for the rest of my life. I sent my x-Ray to Dr Mayer at Evidental clinic in Hungary and he agreed to remove 17 of my unwanted teeth and replace them with 10 Nobel implants / two sinus lifts/ and Zirconium Ceramic teeth. The work was painless and the result has been excellent. I have had no pain for 2 years and I can eat any type of food. In the past 2 years I have made 5 trips to Hungary and have still not spent the savings I made on a single implant. I have no reservations recommending the service and quality of the work I received at Evidental Clinic

Graham Waugh, UK

I am very happy to have chosen this clinic

Just finished my 2 part treatment of full dental implants.

As someone who has a phobia of dentists, even mild injections terrify me, so I was not looking forward to having all my teeth out and having full implant process.

However, Dr Mayer and all his staff (starting with Viktor in the London office who made all the arrangements), Anett and everyone else made the whole process very easy, pain free and I was reassured all the way.

I am very happy to have chosen Evidental for my treatment and would recommend them to everyone. The whole treatment cost half the price of the quotes I had in the UK so very cost effective, plus you get to spend time in a very beautiful city.

I look forward to meeting Dr Mayer again for my check up next year.

Many thanks!!

Very helpful and reassuring staff.
Clean and tidy.
I don’t have anything bad to say about it.

Brendan, UK

The whole experience was superb

I highly recommend Dr Meyer and his staff, everyone I dealt with was kind, calming and very professional. Dr Meyer is an absolute genius and such a kind, gentle and considerate man, who puts you instantly at ease. I had 5 dental implants which required a sinus lift and bone augmentation and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back if I needed more. Everything was arranged for me by Victor in England and Annette in Budapest and the whole experience was superb. I really can’t sing their praises high enough. Fantastic!

Alison Oosthuizen, UK

I will certainly be telling family and friends about his First Class Service

Thank you so much, Dr Mayer, Viktor, Anett, and Csaba for booking my appointments and treatments. My journey from start to finish has been amazing – from Viktor arranging my appointments to Csaba picking us up from the airport, everything was just perfect. Dr Mayer is a wonderful and talented man, so clever, caring and very professional and my treatment was painless. I am thrilled with the work he has done on my teeth and I cannot thank him enough. I will certainly be telling family and friends about his First Class Service. Thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to returning to beautiful Budapest next year for my check-up.

Anett and the team are excellent. They are so professional and make every part of the experience easy. Nothing is too much trouble for them. The Clinic is so pristine, so light and the equipment is so up-to-date.

Julia, UK

The shape and colour are everything I have hoped they would be

Hungary4U provide a professional and excellent treatment for me from start to finish. I now have a full new set of crowns with a mixture of implants and bridges. The shape and colour are everything I have hoped they would be. I now have back teeth that I can chew on which takes a little getting used to. After shopping around I found Hungary4u excellent value for money compared to back home in the UK.

2 main reasons I chose Hungary4U were number the price. Even compared to the clinics in Budapest they were very competitive. Secondly and probably even more important than the price were the staff. Starting from Victor in the UK to Annette in the clinic and Dr. Meyer I found them more personal and friendly than the other clinics in Budapest I visited. So I have no regrets and would recommend Hungary4U to anyone.

Stephen, UK

Very modern dentistry facility

My second trip to Budapest was for 8 days from 9th to 17th of Jan 2017. Dr Mayer finished what he had to do around 13.30 hrs on the 17th and asked me to go out and enjoy some food.

At 14.30 hrs I ordered a Steak Meal which I had no problems eating. My flight back to UK was in the evening and on my flight back I enjoyed a glass of Red Wine and two bags of roasted peanuts, pure heaven.

When you go for total mouth implant, you have to accept that there will be minor discomforts during the procedure (No pain no gain).

Dr Mayer and his team ensure that there is very little discomfort at any time. Please do not be put off by what the street looks like or the outside of the building, ring the bell and walk up and you will see a very modern dentistry facility which I have not yet seen even in UK. If you want Implants or any other dental work this is the place

Alnoor, UK

My teeth were awful

17 crowns required. My teeth were awful. Now – pretty good.

All transfers arranged. The apartment was within 100 yards. Lovely local pub opposite on the corner.

Saleem, UK

I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable

I had 6 implants, bridges and crowns on all my remaining teeth, the process has been first class. From the first contact and scan in London through to completion, communication, instructions have been concise and easy to follow. The clinic itself is in a really nice area, easy to find, I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable. Pain and discomfort management is really good and Dr Meyer was always checking things were OK. I estimate my treatment was one-third of the UK equivalent.

Keith Guppy, UK

I was treated very well

I am very impressed with the brilliant service that I received especially from the Dentist. My treatment went very well and I also received a follow up call to find out about my recovery from the treatment.

The facility looked nice and was was clean, I was treated very well as the staff was professional and helpful. I am a happy customer.

Mike, UK

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